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Because a CK needs to be creative

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[sticky post]Friends only
This LiveJournal is fully visible for FRIENDS ONLY - this excludes stories, story information and pictures (icons, banner, wallpapers, not photos).
If you have the same interests (well, at least one ;)), then comment here to be added to my friend list.

Oh, and... I've made three "Friends only" banner ;)

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Hey girl :)!
Mentalist fans united :D! I think I've read stories of yours in ff.net too <3

Wow, there are actually people who answer here before they add me... - thank you!
Well, fellow Ment fans are always welcome. I'll add you. :)

Great work keep it coming, best blog on earth

To reply to your post since you didn't give me the opportunity. I do think it's better than we're not on each other's friends list anymore considering that I don't want to stop you from enjoying the show either. I do think that you have every right to enjoy the show the way you want to just like I do :) No hard feelings on my side. Hope it's the same for you.

I already have you listed on my page, and I would like for it to be mutual. I've red few of your stories on ff.ney, and I can tell you few have few interest in common, such as the passion for Castle, CSI (just Las Vegas and New York. I never forgive them for the way they killed off Speedle), Doctor Who, Star Treck fandom in general, X-Files (been a shipper since the tender age of 9 or 10)even if, lately, my greatest passion has been the mentalist.
Also, I'm European as well- Italian, in my case.

Sounds good ;) Added you, though at the moment, I'm not very active on FFN.

then, it makes the two of us!

Ha ha, and I'm obviously not exactly in full possession of my faculties... Because I meant LJ, not FFN... -.-

ah, well..then it's another story, maybe only for rants, but I try to update soemthinhg at least once a week!

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