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Because a CK needs to be creative

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[sticky post]Friends only
This LiveJournal is fully visible for FRIENDS ONLY - this excludes stories, story information and pictures (icons, banner, wallpapers, not photos).
If you have the same interests (well, at least one ;)), then comment here to be added to my friend list.

Oh, and... I've made three "Friends only" banner ;)

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I already have you listed on my page, and I would like for it to be mutual. I've red few of your stories on ff.ney, and I can tell you few have few interest in common, such as the passion for Castle, CSI (just Las Vegas and New York. I never forgive them for the way they killed off Speedle), Doctor Who, Star Treck fandom in general, X-Files (been a shipper since the tender age of 9 or 10)even if, lately, my greatest passion has been the mentalist.
Also, I'm European as well- Italian, in my case.

Sounds good ;) Added you, though at the moment, I'm not very active on FFN.

Ha ha, and I'm obviously not exactly in full possession of my faculties... Because I meant LJ, not FFN... -.-

ah, well..then it's another story, maybe only for rants, but I try to update soemthinhg at least once a week!

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