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Because a CK needs to be creative

fic: (Sherlock / BBC) Proving A Point
JohnLock on Sherlock
Yes, I know, it's been ages since I've last posted something. Mostly because of, well, life, and because I have a blog now - www.loki-d.com
This is my very 1st Sherlock story (and my very 1st slash story O.o)

Author: CK
Rating: PG (for a little bit of suggestive talking/thinking)
Summary: Constant nagging and mistletoe tempt John to prove a point. He forgets that experiments rarely go as planned. --JohnLock
Disclaimer: Leave it all to the BBC, Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat. I'm just playing with them (if only...) and promise to give them back healthy and in one piece.
Author's Note: Here we are then. In 15 years of being a fangirl, I've never been a slasher. I don't mind slash couples, but I have never before actively shipped such couple. And then came JohnLock (no pun intended) and my nice het bubble burst. Brutally.
This story is the result of a prompt I read in LiveJournal's "Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme":
I'd love something based on this scene: [YouTube link had to be deleted, sorry]
Basically Bones needs a favour from a lawyer, who says she can only have it if she kisses Booth under the mistletoe for more that 3 seconds. They comply a little more enthusiastically than she expected (they claim it was like kissing a sibling, she comments that Bones must 'really love her brother').
I'd love the same scene with Sherlock/John and the challenge being made by either Lestrade or Donovon.

This story doesn't really follow the prompt; there is no challenge because I wanted to stay as much in character as possible (well, at least as I see the "in character", lol), and I couldn't come up with a scenario that would make Sherlock and John to go with the challenge.

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A hesitant return
My last post was in October 2012 - so 10 months back. I can't claim that much has happened fandom-/writing-vice in the meantime; life's been getting to me, it really wasn't kind in the past months.

Nevertheless I managed to write a bit, and do some fanart - and these are the results:Four stories and some photoshop-ped stuff...Collapse )