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Because a CK needs to be creative

fic: (Doctor Who) Never Be Alone

Author: CK

Rating: G

Summary: Sort of a Missing Scene to "A Time To Sleep". Clara finds herself back home, not understanding why the Doctor leaves her behind.

Disclaimer: BBC and Steven Moffat claim right on Doctor Who, and I'm happy about it, because I think they do quite a good job with creating and keeping alive this incredible show.

A/N: Companion piece (in every sense of the word...) to "A Time To Sleep". Shows Clara's side of the events, as indicated in the other story. Can be read as a stand-alone story though.
This ignores the 50th Anniversary (and a certain new Doctor). Still not sure how much exactly Clara knows about herself and the Doctor's life (lives), so this is my interpretation.

Live a good life, Clara; live a happy life. It's going to be wonderful if only you allow it toCollapse )