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Because a CK needs to be creative

fic: (Sherlock / BBC) A Physical Deduction

Author: CK

Rating: PG-13 / T

Summary: Sherlock has a lot to learn when it comes to physical encounters - and John finds himself teaching... more happily than he'd ever have expected.

Disclaimer: Leave it all to the BBC, Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat. I'm just playing with them (if only...) and promise to give them back healthy and in one piece.

Author's Note: Sequel (more or less) to my story "Proving A Point". You can read this as stand-alone; you just need to know that in this first story a kiss happened due to the presence of mistletoe. I won't mind you reading the 1st story, though ;)

Ever since his very first kissing experience as a youth - he was not older than fourteen - John Watson had always thought of kisses as something precious...Collapse )